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 Pamella’s Place Virtual Clubs 2015

Quilt Motion/ Quilt Cad Club

Do you have a quilt frame with Quilt motion or the quilt cad system? Do you have questions about that system? Linda is starting a monthly club where people can get together and share ideas and ask questions.

Class Date: First meeting July 19, 6:00-9:00 pm
Class Fee: Free

May 7 6:00pm, May 8 1:00pm
On The Curve:
Positioning and Embroidering multiple designs along a border or curved edge is sometimes a challenge. Learn how to make this process easy on this cute apron that sports a curved bottom hem.
June 4 6:00 pm, June 5 1:00
Take me with You:
Working with knit fabrics and cut away stabilizers will be taught on this travel pillow which is what your little one (our you!) may need for a car trip or a trip to grandma's house. The pocket is a great place to stash a book or a magazine and the handle makes it easy to carry.
August 6 6:00pm, August 7 1:00 pm
A Mug Rug for all Seasons:
These mug rugs are made entirely "in the hoop". If you have not yet tried this embroidery technique, you will be amazed at how easy it is to create these pieced mug rugs and embroider appliqué designs all in one hooping.
September 3 6:00pm, September 4 1:00pm
Circle Around:
This Unique fabric case in the shape of a circle closes into a half moon shape with a zipper to hold your jewelry or sewing necessities. We will explore ways to use both the sewing machine and the software to stitch perfect circles for this case.
October 1 6:00pm, October 2 1:00pm
What's In Your Wallet:
While focusing on some basic troubleshooting guidelines to make your embroidery look its best, we will make this wallet fold flat and can hold your credit cards or loyalty cards for easy access. It is easy enough for beginners, but fun for anyone to make. And it is the perfect project to show off your embroidery designs.
November 5 6:00pm, November 6 1:00pm
Vested Interest:
This versatile vest has subtle shaping that flatter figures of all shapes and sizes. We will talk about do's and don'ts when embroidering on clothing, and learn to choose the right stabilizer for garments.

May 16 10am
I was Framed:
Learn to work with photographs in the Artwork Canvas and Print them on Transfer Artist Paper or Printable fabric. Then create applique frames to stich around the printed pictures.
July 18 10am
Make Mine Plaid:
Create Plaid effects in many different ways :grid quilting, pattern run stich designs, wavy plaid and plaid effects with a fill or applique.
August 15 10:00am
Applique 3 ways:
Explore the options of applique style: raw edge applique, cut in the hoop applique and pre-cut applique.
September 19 10:00am
Going in Circles:
Work with outline stitches in the software as well as create your own stitch patterns from scratch. Manipulate the stitches to create beautiful circular pattern stitch embroideries.
October 17 10:00am
Create a pencil Pouch project to embroider in the hoop. Work with fonts, embroider the zipper and the quilting to complete the project.
November 21 10:00am
Coming in roses:
Everything will be coming up roses as you learn to create stitches using the free-hand drawing tool using a photo as a template-no artistic skills needed. Explore the option of adding needlepunch for additional color.

May 28 6:00pm, May 29 10am
At Your Fingertips:
Combine old and new to create a WOW accessory that keeps everything at your fingertips. In this original-designed clutch, mix tiny piecing for a bold geometric pattern, create a tweed from ordinary stitches, blend fabric with kraft-tex and more for this "IT" clutch.
July 23 6:00pm, July 24 10:00am
Easy Style Dress:
Embrace The Maxi-Dress-or Tank- or any size in-between. This VERY easy to sew and simple-style dress leaves you plenty of time to embellish. Make it yours with pintucks, eyelets and Spanish hemstitching. Add decorative stitching and pintucks in subtle and classy ways.
August 27 6:00 pm, August 28 10:00am
Home is Where the Heart Is:
A little here and there can complete each room of the house with decorative pillows you've seen in the magazines-simple piecing, tapering, large letters, quilted effects, tiny ruffle trim and corded piping all create special effects for all styles.
September 24 6:00 pm, August 25 10:00am
Mug Mat Mania:
Fun to Make and Fun to Give away- little mug mats perfect for your favorite mug and snack. Create little works of modern art with simple painting, piecing, echo quilting and faux free motion.
October 22 6:00pm, Ocotber23 10am
Courier Bag:
When a larger bag is needed, the courier bag provided a stylish and comfortable solution. The secret the strap. Select a great fabric or create a great fabric to use as the strap.
November 19 6:00pm, November 20 10:00am
A serge in sewing:
Experiment with machine needle punch and serger details to create a modern vest you'll enjoy making and wearing.