Pamella's Place

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Thank You and Farewell

The end of an era has arrived as Pamella's Place closed its doors last week after 28 years and 7 different locations over those years. As most of you know, I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer a year ago. This hastened the need to retire from our business so that I could fight this disease with all my strength. Regardless of circumstances, this was not an easy decision.
I SO appreciate the beautiful cards, letters, and messages that so many of you have sent. You have been generous in letting me know how your lives have been changed in a positive way, And, you have definitely blessed mine. I miss you, and that's the most difficult part of this journey. You cannot even begin to know how much I have learned from you! You've created a storehouse of memories and friendships for me to savor, and I feel so blessed.
I also want to thank the faithful employees who helped close the business with dignity and patience during the past year, in particular. God has blessed me richly while allowing me to live the American Dream. I welcome your continued friendships and prayers. On the good days (which number more than the bad) I can be found happily sewing and embroidering!